Home Staging - Frequently asked questions

Q. I'm selling my property, how does Home Staging work?
Home staging works by depersonalising your home. This invoves de-cluttering, removing personal items & excess furniture to open up the home, allowing potential customers to visualise living in your home. Our stylists will expertly do this for you and maximise your home's impact.
Q. How much does home staging cost?
That really depends on the size of the home and the amount of furniture and decorator items required. Our stylist will provide you with an all inclusive quotation for your individual requirements.
Q. How long do I have to hire for?
Home Staging furniture is hired for a one month minimum period. If you need the furniture a bit longer we can extend the hire on a daily / pro-rata basis.
Q. When do I pay for Home Staging Furniture Hire?
Payment as per the quotation is due prior to delivery and can be made via EFT or credit card over the phone. We will always email an itemised quotation listing all charges. There are no hidden charges whatsoever.