Home staging services

Ready to sell

Ready to sell does as it states, we get your home ready for the market. This process is highly flexible, we utilise as many of your pieces as possible and add or replacing items only when necessary giving you the best overall price. The ready to sell service comprises:

Vacant dwellings

Vacant dwellings are harder to visualise than funished ones, rooms always look smaller and in general there's nothing to emotionally connect to. It's a fact potential clients spend up to 60% less time inspecting unfurnished dwellings. That's 60% less time to connect with your property.

We will transform your empty house into an inviting home that potential home owners will love. The process includes:

Why home staging works

Home staging is basically marketing, it's making your house stand out from the crowd. Put yourself in a buyer's position and consider two houses in the same area at roughly the same price. House A is clean, clutter free and nicely decorated while house B isn't any of these. Which would you buy?

In most cases a customer will buy based on emotion, they like the feel of the place and can visualise their possessions in the house. This is much easier when the customer isn't distracted by walls of family photos, collections of trinkets and baubles, piles of favourite books and magazines and too many pieces of furniture.

But what is a distraction and what is an asset? This is where our highly trained home stagers remove the distractions and reorganise your home to be as inviting as possible. Maximise your price and sell faster by having your home professionally staged. Call us today for your obligation free quote.